On behalf of the ISTE Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your support of ISTE and your continued engagement through your volunteerism and presence. It is because of you that our conference reached 18,500 attendees this year, and you’re the reason our conference sessions continue to deliver innovative and just-in-time learning experiences.

As your elected board, we have three primary goals:

  • Connect with members to understand your values so that we can truly represent your interests.
  • Develop and monitor a comprehensive set of policies that guide the organizational actions and decisions.
  • Ensure appropriate changes and avoid areas of risk through a disciplined process of direction and a thorough system of monitoring performance against policy expectations.

We have been listening to your voice and ideas and will continue to implement your suggestions and expectations into board policy and strategic discussions. Here are some of those key developments and initiatives I’d like to share with you:

  • Member Linkage Committee
    Our Member Linkage Committee, chaired by Dr. Randy Hansen, has worked diligently to ensure that we are making data-driven decisions on your behalf. We have contributed questions to ISTE member surveys so that we can analyze and act on the data to ensure that your voice is included in our strategic vision and board policies. In addition, board members met with ISTE PLN leaders at the conference to collect informal qualitative data that we reported back to our Member Linkage Committee for further analysis and next steps.
  • International Program & Reception
    The ISTE Board piloted an international gathering during the 2017 conference, and due to the positive response, we decided to make it an annual event. At ISTE 2018 the event featured a global panel who gave us a glimpse of the trends, challenges and accomplishments in their regions.
  • Higher Education Symposium
    The linkage committee also organized an event called “The Role of Higher Ed in Preparing the Next Generation of Educators,” an engaging, highly interactive session focused on identifying barriers to technology integration and strategies to accelerate innovation in teacher preparation and in higher ed.
  • Affiliate and PLN leaders
    The ISTE Board visited with PLN leaders during the conference to share key insights to help drive our work. During the year, our Member Linkage Committee invited affiliate and PLN leaders to meet with the board either face to face or virtually to share insights. Through our Member Linkage Committee, board members have increased visibility during periodic affiliate and PLN monthly meetings.

Through policy and strategy, ISTE remains fiscally sound and we want to continue to represent your voice through our shared vision. If you have any suggestions or thoughts you’d like to share with the ISTE Board of Directors please email us at ISTEBoardPresident@gmail.com.

Dr. Mila Thomas Fuller, President
ISTE Board of Directors

Dr. Mila Thomas Fuller