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Research Connections: Bringing the ISTE Standards to more classrooms


Topics: ISTE Standards for Students

Since their initial release in the 1990s, the ISTE Standards have set a high bar for educators and education leaders around the world who are seeking to evolve…


Students look over a computer screen

What works: Computational thinking plays big role in learning about moral development


Topics: ISTE Standards for Students

In teaching 10th graders about the law, Katrina Traylor Rice starts with the basics: How do we know what’s right and what’s wrong?

In her Introduction to the Law and Speech Communication class, she…


NEMOnet from NASA

NASA makes a game of trying to save world’s coral reefs


Topics: citizen science from NASA, ISTE Standards for Students, NASA

NASA’s latest citizen science project is a serious global endeavor cloaked in a video game.



Students work on robotics project

Design class allows students to choose their own learning adventure


Topics: ISTE Standards for Students

In the beginning, middle schoolers in Gina Baragone’s design class sought a lot of hand holding.

But after a semester of making their own choices, directing their own learning projects and adapting the…


Two students study privacy settings on their phones

What Works: Students’ smartphones are centerpiece in debate on privacy


Topics: data privacy, ISTE Standards for Students

To learn about the Bill of Rights and the right to privacy, civics teacher Katrina Traylor Rice asks her students to go beyond reading primary-source documents. She actually has them take out their phones and…


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Video Poems Add Digital Literacy to Creativity and Expression


Topics: Creativity, ISTE Standards for Students, STEM & STEAM

As an artist, Tim Needles has always written poetry. So, as an art teacher, it was a natural for him to merge words with visual arts in his classes. One result is video poetry.

But what Needles has…


Students watch a livestream of an African safari

What Works: Virtual safaris bring the wilds of Africa to the classroom


Topics: Global Collaborator, ISTE Standards for Students

Every year, Stacey Moore’s third graders in Virginia Beach, Virginia, are transported to Africa where they ride along with a naturalist on safari.

It all happens virtually via WildEarth Kids and…


students in a classroom participate in a livestream of a wildlife safari

Bring a Real Wildlife Safari to Your Classroom


Topics: Global collaboration, ISTE Standards, ISTE Standards for Students

Stacey Moore knew she couldn’t take her 30 Virginia third graders on safari in Africa, so she did the next best thing: She brought the safari to her classroom and connected her students to naturalists who…


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North Carolina Adopts the ISTE Standards for Students


Topics: ISTE Standards, ISTE Standards for Students

Decision Will Empower Students and Harness Personalized Learning 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — September 10, 2019 — North Carolina’s State Board of Education recently voted to adopt…


Two students in a classroom working with an iPad

Engaging lesson plans that will make your students crave school


Topics: ISTE Standards for Students, lesson plans

Is this the year you’re determined to do something drastically different in the classroom? Maybe you’ve been teaching for decades and a particular lesson needs a fresh coat of paint. Maybe you’re a new teacher…