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a child searches the internet on a desktop computer

5 Safe Search Engines for Kids


Topics: Knowledge Constructor

It's never too early to teach students how to be good knowledge constructors. In fact, students should begin learning how to analyze and vet information on the internet as early as elementary school.

The ISTE Standards define "knowledge…


Innovative approaches inspire students to be creative communicators

Standards Spotlight: Innovative approaches inspire students to be creative communicators


Topics: Creative Communicator, ISTE Standards for Students, Knowledge Constructor

In my role as an edtech coach, I see student-created projects and authentic learning taking place in our schools every day. While collaborating with teachers to facilitate lessons, I’ve learned that the process is often considered more important than the product because this is where most of the…


A teacher sits next to a student at a table pointing to the laptop in front of them

Help Students Manage Primary Source Overload


Topics: Knowledge Constructor, primary sources

Imagine you’re a seventh grader researching the history of segregation in the United States. Your teacher wants primary sources. You visit the Library of Congress website and type in “segregation.”

Your query returns nearly 10,000 results. Narrowing your search to “segregation in the…