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a group of students sitting on soft furniture in a library work together on iPads

Build Community Support for Your School Library


Topics: Libraries

When Texas librarian Valerie Tagoe agreed to sponsor a graphic novel and anime club for high school students who were passionate about manga, it opened the door to all sorts of new activities in the library:…


Lakisha Brinson

Lakisha Brinson: Leading With Empathy


Topics: Libraries

Lakisha Brinson used to envision herself writing cards for Hallmark.

An introvert with a proclivity for introspection, she understood early on that people need to feel like their voices are being heard…



How This Librarian Became a Social Justice Educator


Topics: Libraries

Julia Torres got her wakeup call when her entire English class flunked the AP exam on purpose.

It was her second year as a language arts teacher at Montbello High School in Denver. Coming from a…


A girl works on a robotics project in the school library

Library Centers Allow Students To Be Masters of Their Own Learning


Topics: Libraries, student-centered learning

During my first stint as an elementary school librarian in the mid-1990s, I stumbled upon the magic of learning centers. Centers, which allow students to choose from a variety of activities, empower students to…


Carla Hayden

Making the Library of Congress More Relatable


Topics: Digital & media literacy, Libraries

Carla Hayden is an anomaly. She’s not only the first woman and African-American to hold the Librarian of Congress position – she’s actually a librarian, too.

That makes her the second in a string of 14 historians, lawyers, even a poet who have held this post by presidential appointment…