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Interview: How Wyoming is reimagining edtech professional learning


Topics: Advocacy and funding, ISTE Certification, professional learning

State leaders, including Wyoming’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow, are learning that access to technology alone doesn’t guarantee improved pedagogy. Access must be matched by efforts…


OECD Report cover

New OECD Report Shows Major Gap in Preparing Teachers to Use Technology Effectively


Topics: ISTE Certification, professional learning, Teacher training

WASHINGTON, DC - Findings from the Teaching and Learning International Survey, coordinated by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), released today show that preparing teachers to effectively use technology for learning remains a challenge for countries around the…


The Perfect Blend

Topics: Curriculum, Education leadership, professional learning

A Practical Guide to Designing Student-Centered Learning Experiences

Product code: BLENDE

ISBN: 9781564848451

Expected publication date: 05/2020

Topics: Personalized learning, Online learning, Curriculum

Length: 176…



Topics: Personalized Learning, professional learning, Standards

Infusing Art Into Your STEM Curriculum

Product code: STEAMN

ISBN: 9781564848215

Expected publication date: 03/2020

Topics: STEM & STEAM, Robotics, Makerspaces, Augmented reality, Standards, Coding & robotics



Learning First, Technology Second

Topics: Assessment, Curriculum, professional learning, Standards

The Educator’s Guide to Designing Authentic Lessons

Product code: ENGAGE

ISBN: 9781564843890

Published: 2017

Topics: Curriculum, Assessment, Standards, Professional learning

Length: 220 pages


Teachers collaborating at a professional learning session.

Embed the learning sciences into professional learning


Topics: Course of Mind, Learning sciences, professional learning

Have you ever been to a professional learning (PL) session and loved the ideas presented but left thinking, “There is already too much on my plate. How am I ever going to implement this?” As educators we…


7 ways to create PD webinars that engage your audience

7 ways to create PD webinars that engage your audience


Topics: ISTE Expert Webinars, Professional development, professional learning

Rose loved the idea of attending webinars, or online professional development (PD) presentations, online. If she watched them live, she could chat with other participants while hearing about new content from national experts. If not, she could tune in later to the archived version, while making…


Desiree Alexander

5 ways to break through leadership barriers


Topics: professional learning

Desiree Alexander knows firsthand the barriers that people of color face in breaking into areas that have been traditionally white and male. As a black woman and a former instructional technology supervisor in a large school district in Louisiana, people would approach one of her white male…


Customize learning with Google Forms

Customize learning with Google Forms


Topics: Advocacy, Assessment, Corporate innovation, Education leadership, Personalized Learning, professional learning, Standards

We know that students do not all learn the same way. Some need a great deal of repetition to learn new material while others can see it once and have it down. Some need absolute quiet to learn while others feel uncomfortable with too much stillness. One might prefer reading while another…