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a boy sketching a frog in school

Sketchnoting brings power of brain science to the classroom


Topics: Learning sciences, Sketchnoting

In 2016 Nichole Carter attended a session on sketchnoting at the ISTE conference, and it changed her teaching forever. That pivotal moment also sparked a passion…


Two girls show their sketchnotes

What Works: Sketchnoting engages students while building comprehension


Topics: Learning sciences, Sketchnoting

Laura Steinbrink works hard to engage her students.

So it distressed her when two bright students in her high school literature class in Plato, Missouri, copped bad attitudes about having to study The…


An educator tried sketchnoting.

Tap Into Dual Coding — or Sketchnoting — To Boost Comprehension


Topics: Course of Mind, Learning sciences, Sketchnoting

In the fast-paced field of education and educational technology, sometimes it feels like if we don’t keep up with the pack on the latest strategies and technologies, we’ll get left so far behind that we might…


Get students creating with digital sketchnoting

Get students creating with digital sketchnoting


Topics: Sketchnoting

Karen Bosch has a theory about how students communicate today. She points to Instagram, Snapchat and the use of emojis as proof of what she calls “pic-ting.”

Pic-ting, as opposed to writing, is their language of choice. And digital sketchnoting is a perfect fit for this new dialect.…