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A girl wearing headphones smiles as she talks online to a teacher

How One District Bridged the Digital Divide


Topics: social-emotional learning

Prior to the pandemic, we knew we had a digital divide at Highline Public Schools in Washington state that prevented too many of our students from accessing their learning from home.

Then schools closed…


A teacher meets with a student and parents

Support Student Well-Being and SEL in 4 Key Areas of Practice


Topics: social-emotional learning

Most educators know that student well-being is important, but how can teachers ensure they are fostering a comfortable, healthy and happy learning environment that supports well-being?  

Tara Linney,…


a father comforts his son during COVID quarantine

Meeting students' social-emotional needs during a COVID-19 lockdown


Topics: Online learning, social-emotional learning

High school junior Sadie Bograd doesn’t mind having extra leisure time to catch up on her novel reading or binge-watch the latest season of The Good Place. But there are moments when the unstructured…


A child wearing an augmented reality headset while an adult looks on

Augmented reality can help autistic students with social-emotional learning


Topics: Augmented reality, social-emotional learning, special needs

As a classroom teacher, Jullia Suhyoung Lim encountered many children like her childhood friend Eddie, a passionate, playful child. Adults called him “different”; Lim later realized he was probably on the…


7 tips for helping students develop emotional intelligence

7 tips for helping students develop emotional intelligence


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Digital Citizenship, social-emotional learning

Part of growing up is developing empathy, the ability to understand the feelings of others. It starts in kindergarten when we learn to share the crayons. As we get older, we learn to include others on the playground to avoid hurt feelings and begin to relate to those who are different than we…