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Two children in a school library doing art on an iPad during Dot Day

5 Ways To Get Creative on International Dot Day


Topics: art, STEM & STEAM

One of our favorite celebrations at school every year is International Dot Day! 

This amazing global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration is based on Peter H. Reynolds' book …


Person takes photo of night sky with smartphone

NASA Brings 6 STEAM Projects to ISTE20 Live


Topics: ISTE Conference & Expo, NASA, STEM & STEAM

NASA experts will present six STEAM projects that educators can bring back to their classrooms at the NASA Playground…


Two student celebrate with a high five

Design Challenges Engage Students by Tapping Their Creativity


Topics: STEM & STEAM

Years ago, Tim Needles quit giving homework to his art students at Smithtown East High School on Long Island, New York. Instead, he gave them optional “creative challenges.”

Such a challenge could…


Two girls smiling looking at a phone

Video Poems Add Digital Literacy to Creativity and Expression


Topics: Creativity, ISTE Standards for Students, STEM & STEAM

As an artist, Tim Needles has always written poetry. So, as an art teacher, it was a natural for him to merge words with visual arts in his classes. One result is video poetry.

But what Needles has…


NASA resources: A universe of learning at your fingertips

NASA Resources: A Universe of Learning at Your Fingertips


Topics: citizen science from NASA, NASA, NSSEC, STEM & STEAM

Searching for resources on the NASA website to challenge and inspire budding scientists can be a bit like exploring the universe: You’ll find a vast expanse of interesting data, visuals, stories and creations.…


Kimberly Lane

Educators Should Make Computer Science a Reality for Girls


Topics: Coding & robotics, Computational Thinking, STEM & STEAM

Not long ago, I was a high school student sitting in a classroom wondering how taking a particular class would help me in life.

Luckily, most of the courses I was taking actually complemented what I planned to study in college – computer science.

Even as a child, I was intrigued…


Cecilia Rodriguez Alcala: Education change agent in Paraguay

Cecilia Rodriguez Alcala: Education change agent in Paraguay


Topics: STEM & STEAM

Cecilia Rodriguez Alcala’s Facebook page resembles that of many young adults: photos of art she likes, snapshots of her nieces and nephews, a group selfie on a night out with friends in Asunción, Paraguay. She also quotes Abraham Lincoln and posts links to media coverage of her job.



A girl collects data on her smartphone

7 NASA Citizen Science Lessons Any Teacher Can Lead


Topics: ISTE Standards for Students, NSSEC, STEM & STEAM

Even as a die-hard science geek, molecular biologist Melanie Peffer found her science classes painfully boring. It wasn’t until she started engaging in authentic scientific inquiry in real-world labs that she…


Mitchel Resnick: Scratch creator, professor is an expert on helping student creativity flourish

Mitchel Resnick: Scratch creator, professor is an expert on helping student creativity flourish


Topics: Coding & robotics, STEM & STEAM

Mitchel Resnick’s portfolio is packed with impressive titles and honors – a bachelor’s in physics from Princeton University, a master’s and Ph.D. in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he works today. There’s even a stint as a science-technology…


Make CS accessible to all students with physical computing

Make CS accessible to all students with physical computing


Topics: Coding & robotics, Computational Thinking, Robotics, STEM & STEAM

The notion that computer science education is essential for all is picking up steam in the United States; however, we still are a long way from making it accessible and equitable for all.…