Partners in aligning instruction and technology for student success

ISTE district partner programs are focused on helping transform teaching and learning by supporting your district’s goals and aligning the power of community through a local collective impact approach.

Partnering with ISTE helps districts:

  • Establish a common vision for student success.
  • Provide equitable access to ensure all students are successful.
  • Use data to inform and refine strategies.
  • Partner with community stakeholders to expand successful practices and increase capacity.
  • Identify community engagement opportunities.


Now, districts have added support from ISTE to ensure they’re future focused — from diagnosing where they are, to planning for innovation, to providing leaders with the resources and PD educators need to prepare their students for success. ISTE connects your district with a growing community of thought leaders and practitioners from around the world focused on engaging learners and supporting teachers in strategies that lead to student achievement.

Interested in having ISTE support or guide your plan?

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Data-driven, progress based

As educators, we know the importance of data to help inform instruction and measure achievement against targeted goals.
A key component of the ISTE district partner program is the ability to measure progress by defining district readiness.

Essential Conditions


The ISTE Essential Conditions are the 14 critical elements necessary to effectively leverage technology for learning. They offer educators and school leaders a research-backed framework to guide implementation of the ISTE Standards, tech planning and systemwide change.

Lead & Transform Diagnostic


For a deeper look into your school or district’s strengths and weaknesses, ISTE can assess your district’s readiness and generate a free custom report that will help guide your district’s technology integration planning based on the Essential Conditions.

ISTE Standards


The ISTE Standards provide a road map for bold, innovative education leaders like you to re-engineer schools and classrooms for digital age learning, no matter where a district is on the journey to effective tech integration.

Districtwide access to critical resources

Equity and access are critical to the success of school transformation and student achievement. Administrators, teachers and students not only need access to innovative technology, they also need access to high-quality resources to enhance instructional practices and support teaching and learning. With ISTE district partner programs, educators have districtwide access to engaging resources for professional learning through ISTE membership.

  • ISTE Connect: A professional learning community of educators who collaborate and support each other in more than 20 key topic areas.
  • ISTE Expert Webinars: 30-minute professional learning webinars presented by edtech experts. View live or watch the recording.
  • Member-only newsletters: Empowered Learner and Member Communities Newsletter offer an in-depth look at provocative topics, provide expert advice from edtech visionaries and tap the collective knowledge of our community of leaders and changemakers.
  • ISTE Edtech Advisor: A member-only review and rating platform that gives educators insight on tools, apps and resources to help inform buying decisions.

Community engagement

Connect with like-minded, highly qualified educators who share your vision for success.

ISTE district partner programs provide professional development and community engagement, including professional learning communities, coaching and support tailored to each district’s unique needs and customized learning opportunities throughout the year.

Additional engagement opportunities include deeper education and training with ISTE U, ISTE Certification for Educators and ISTE in-person events, to name a few.


Current ISTE district partners include:


Awty International School

Baltimore County Public Schools

Davenport Community Schools

Eugene 4J

Lakota Local Schools

Los Angeles Unified School District

School District of Milton

New Fairfield Schools

Oak Park Elementary School District 97

Prince William County Schools

Saline Area Schools