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Transformational Learning Principles graphic circle from ASCD+ISTE.
Transformational Learning Principles
Just published! Explore the Transformational Learning Principles© – evidenced-based guidelines highlighting the essential elements of effective learning. For school leaders and edtech specialists to use as a framework of reference for supporting teachers and students.
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Digital Citizenship Lessons
Help your students become healthy digital citizens through their entire K-12 career with these FREE lesson plans.
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The Trusted Standard

Focused on pedagogy, not tools, the ISTE Standards are a framework that guides educators in using technology to create high-impact, sustainable and scalable learning experiences for all students.

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Artificial Intelligence
Authentic Engagement: Michael Hernandez on Using AI and Meaningful Assessments to Reenergize Learning

Does AI inevitably lead to a rise in cheating? Michael Hernandez thinks there are other possibilities.

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Curriculum Design
Empowering Learning Through Learning Design: A Conversation with Patrick Hausammann and Schoology Learning
April 25, 2024

Join ASCD Emerging Leader Patrick Hausammann, plus Gina Hartman, Ed.D., and Adam Larson of PowerSchool, to discover how to leverage tech to design engaging, meaningful learning experiences.

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1920 X1080 AI Explorations
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Explorations for Educators
October 7 - December 8

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the stuff of the future; today's students can expect to interact with AI in both their personal and professional lives. To prepare students for success, educators need to understand how AI technologies can be leveraged to facilitate learning and solve real-world problems.

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Create the Learning Tools of the Future

Edtech providers leverage ISTE’s expertise and network to develop, identify and scale quality learning solutions. From the Edtech Solutions Network to the Learning Technology Directory, we help solution providers find their people.

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