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Customize learning with Google Forms

By Deborah Kerby
August 31, 2018
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We know that students do not all learn the same way. Some need a great deal of repetition to learn new material while others can see it once and have it down. Some need absolute quiet to learn while others feel uncomfortable with too much stillness. One might prefer reading while another likes studying graphics.

It would be nice if every child could have one-on-one instruction all the time, but this is just not possible. However, it is possible to provide customized learning within the larger group.

Google Forms has options to customize feedback within an activity, and will allow you to send students on individual learning paths. Combined with Google Classroom, Google Forms makes it possible to set up assignments so students will take a path that works best for them.

Google Forms has a quiz mode that allows instructors to set points for answering questions and also to add feedback based on a student’s response. Feedback can include images and links to other sources. You can also embed videos directly into a Google Form. You might have students watch the video and then respond to questions about it.

Here are some things to try:

  • Set up a Google Classroom for your students. Add assignments modified for different groups of students. For example, create a version that links to articles for students to read and another version with videos for students to watch so they can learn with different formats.  
  • Create two or three versions of a review activity, perhaps in Quizlet, that vary in difficulty. You can lead students to the activity individually, or you can share multiple links and allow them to choose the level of difficulty.
  • Customize feedback within a Google Form sent to students in Quiz form. If a student chooses an incorrect answer, you can give them a hint and then send them back to try the questions again.
  • Customize a learning path by having students skip an activity if they answer a pre-assessment question correctly.

ISTE members can learn more adaptive learning activities by watching the recording of my ISTE Expert WebinarAdpative Learning with Google Forms” on Sept. 5.

Deborah Kerby is a computer science teacher at Tobyhanna Elementary School in northeast Pennsylvania and a member of the ISTE Teacher Education Network. Previously she worked for16 years as a business and computer science teacher at the high school level. 

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