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Artificial Intelligence in Education

To prepare students to thrive as learners and leaders of the future, educators must become comfortable teaching with and about Artificial Intelligence. Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Claude and Midjourney, for example, further the opportunity to rethink and redesign learning. Educators can use these tools to strengthen learning experiences while addressing the ethical considerations of using AI. ISTE is the global leader in supporting schools in thoughtfully, safely and responsibly introducing AI in ways that enhance learning and empower students and teachers.

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Leaders' Guide to Artificial Intelligence

School leaders must ensure the use of AI is thoughtful and appropriate, and supports the district’s vision. Download this free guide (or the UK version) to get the background you need to guide your district in an AI-infused world.

UPDATED! Free Guides for Engaging Students in AI Creation

ISTE and GM have partnered to create Hands-On AI Projects for the Classroom guides to provide educators with a variety of activities to teach students about AI across various grade levels and subject areas. Each guide includes background information for teachers and student-driven project ideas that relate to subject-area standards. 

The hands-on activities in the guides range from “unplugged” projects to explore the basic concepts of how AI works to creating chatbots and simple video games with AI, allowing students to work directly with innovative AI technologies and demonstrate their learning. 

These updated hands-on guides are available in downloadable PDF format in English, Spanish and Arabic from the list below.

Elementary Educator AI Guide
Secondary Educator AI Guide
Elective Educator AI Guide
Computer Science Educator AI Guide
AI Ethics Guide
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Take the AI Explorations Course on ISTE U

Artificial Intelligence Explorations for Educators unpacks everything educators need to know about bringing AI to the classroom. Sign up for the next course and find out how to earn graduate-level credit for completing the course.

Teach AI Feature
Get the AI Guidance for Schools Toolkit

As a co-founder of TeachAI, ISTE provides guidance to support school leaders and policy makers around leveraging AI for learning.

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Navigate the World of AI and ChatGPT

Dive deeper into AI and learn how to navigate ChatGPT in schools with curated resources and tools from ASCD and ISTE.

Join our Educator AI Community on Connect

ISTE+ASCD’s free online community brings together educators from around the world to share ideas and best practices for using artificial intelligence to support learning.

Learn More From These Podcasts, Blog Posts, Case Studies and Websites

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Artificial Intelligence
Help Students Think More Deeply With ChatGPT
Jack Dougall, a secondary school humanities and business teacher in Spain, developed the ChatGPT Learning Code as a way to ensure students were using artificial intelligence to think more deeply. The seven part code is an acrostic using the letters C.H.A.T.G.P.T.
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Embrace Chat GPT Twitter
Artificial Intelligence
ChatGPT: Ban it? No! Embrace it? Yes!
When it comes to ChatGPT, the challenge — and opportunity — for educators is to learn how to use it thoughtfully, ramp up their media literacy curriculum and develop assignments that lead students to turn in original and creative work.
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Teachers Chat GPT Twitter
Artificial Intelligence
What Educators — and Students — Can Learn From ChatGPT
Artificial intelligence is poised to change education in ways we’ve hardly begun to anticipate, and ChatGPT’s emergence serves as a reminder that teachers need to be ready to adapt quickly to sudden and exponential advancements in technology.
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AI chatbot blog
Artificial Intelligence
Building AI: Student Creators Meet Artificial Intelligence
With a new generation of AI-powered tools at their fingertips, like the newly released ChatGPT, students can use artificial intelligence to create in all sorts of new ways, from animating videos to composing symphonies, without ever peeking under its hood
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AI 101 for Teachers at

Partners, ETS, ISTE and Khan Academy offer engaging sessions with renowned experts to demystify AI, explore responsible implementation, address bias, and showcase how AI-powered learning can revolutionize student outcomes

Edsurge podcast better representation in ai
Podcast: Better Representation in Artificial Intelligence Starts Early

One of the challenges with bias in AI comes down to who has access to these careers in the first place, and that's the area that Tess Posner, CEO of the nonprofit AI4All, is trying to address.

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Research Guide: AI is for Everyone, Everywhere!

Featuring in-depth interviews with practitioners, guidelines for classroom teachers and a webinar about the importance of AI in education, this site provides K-12 educators with practical tools for integrating AI and computational thinking across their curricula.

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Free AI Course

This 15-hour, self-paced introduction to artificial intelligence is designed for students in grades 9-12. Educators and students should create a free account at P-TECH before viewing the course.

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