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Digital Citizenship in Education

Bring Digital Citizenship to the Classroom in Meaningful Ways

Teaching digital citizenship has never been more important. Prepare students to stay safe, solve problems and become a force for good.

Teaching digital well-being doesn’t mean providing students with a list of “don’ts.” It’s about the do’s – modeling and practicing skills that help young people become thoughtful, empathetic digital citizens who know how to use technology to learn and solve problems in their digital and physical communities. 

The digital citizenship competencies, developed by the ISTE-led DigCit Coalition in conjunction with coalition partners, shift the conversation from don’ts to do’s.

The DigCit Competencies

Digital Citizenship Competency: Balanced


Students participate in a healthy variety of online activities and know how to prioritize their time between virtual and physical activities.

Digital Citizenship Compentency: Informed


Students evaluate the accuracy, perspective and validity of digital media, and have developed critical skills for curating information from digital sources.

Digital Citizenship Competency: Inclusive


Students are open to hearing and recognizing multiple viewpoints, and engaging with others online with respect and empathy.

Digital Citizenship Competency: Engaged


Students use technology and digital channels to solve problems and be a force for good in their families and communities.

Digital Citizenship Competency: Alert


Students are aware of their digital actions and know how to be safe and create safe spaces for others online.

Learn to Teach Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship in Action from ISTE U will guide you in how to bring digital citizenship to your classroom in meaningful ways and across various content areas. The 15-hour, self-paced course includes ongoing instructor support and is eligible for graduate credit.

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Empower Students to Engage in Online Communities

Help students of all levels develop relationships based on mutual trust and understanding in digital spaces and become active, participatory citizens in these spaces with help from the second edition of Digital Citizenship in Action.

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Know the ISTE Standards: Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is a key component of the ISTE Standards. See how digital citizenship aligns with the student, educator, coaching and leader sections.

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Download the Acceptable Use Policy Guide

Download the Digital Citizenship Coalition publication: Setting Conditions for Success: A Guide for Creating Effective Responsible Use Policies (PDF).

Learn More From These Videos, Blog Posts and Learning Materials

Blog Posts: Discover DigCit Ideas and Strategies

Find out from classroom teachers and librarians how to embed digital citizenship into all subject areas and grade levels in the ISTE blog.

Videos: Learn from DigCit Educators and Experts
  • Dive into the Digital Citizen Standard in this YouTube playlist to see various ways that educators teach digital citizenship across different content areas and grade levels according to the student section of the ISTE Standards. 
  • In this YouTube video, discover how to take digital citizenship beyond monitoring and into mentoring with tips from educator Michael Hernandez and mother-and-son digital citizenship duo Marialice Curran and Curran Dee.
  • Watch this YouTube playlist of session recordings from the 2022 DigCit Connect virtual summit and learn why the conversation around digital citizenship needs to move beyond online safety.
Get Peer Support for All Things DigCit

Connect brings together education change agents from around the world to share digital citizenship lessons and resources, get answers to questions and share best practices.

Join the Digital Citizenship Coalition

By supporting educators from around the world with resources, learning and engagement opportunities, we challenge students to stay safe, solve problems and become a force for positivity. This campaign brings together organizations with different perspectives, focus areas and expertise to support the education community.

Our Coalition Partners

Meet the organizations working together to redefine digital citizenship.

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