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Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers for the Future of Learning

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New teachers enter classrooms that are technology-rich and rapidly evolving. That’s why ISTE is continually curating learning materials and experiences for professors, faculty and other teacher educators to support teacher preparation programs throughout the world. When you incorporate ISTE Standards experiences into your curriculum today, you ensure that preservice teachers are:

  • Able to adapt to using a wide variety of technology tools for various classroom situations and environments.
  • Prepared to teach and lead within the classrooms and schools of today and tomorrow.
  • Ready to use technology purposefully to deepen student learning.
Sign the EPPs for Digital Equity and Transformation Pledge
Join a growing number of educator preparation programs (EPPs) committed to transforming teacher preparation and ensuring digital equity.
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Get Recognition for Your Innovative Educator Prep Program

ISTE recognizes educator preparation programs aligned to the ISTE Standards so candidates build practice in digital pedagogy skills.

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Webinar Series: Championing Edtech in Teacher Preparation

Join the authors of ISTE’s book Championing Technology Infusion in Teacher Preparation for a lively ongoing conversation about how to best support future educators.

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Ensure Future Teachers Are ISTE Certified

ISTE Certification focuses on pedagogy, not tools or devices, and is designed to change educational practice.

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Higher Education Recognition Programs

Today, more than ever before, educators must be able to use technology in blended or online learning environments to empower students. Schools of education programs that are already leading this charge are preparing teachers to use pedagogically sound, technologically innovative practices.

ISTE’s higher education offerings aid college and university administrators by recognizing programs that have focused on learning and teaching with technology. This recognition supports recruitment of candidates who want to use technology effectively to aid learning, including teachers, instructional designers and those seeking edtech careers; ensures future educators are acquiring the skills they need to be attractive to top-notch employers; and puts candidates in a position to lead the conversation about digital learning in their schools.

ISTE Recognition for Higher Education

ISTE Recognition for Higher Education provides external validation for post-secondary programs that understand the value of collaboratively designing learning with technology for future teachers. Rather than seeking compliance, ISTE acts as a collaborative partner, supporting faculty curriculum teams that innovate to align their programs so candidates gain practice in the ISTE Standards for Educators. Our goal is to help these programs build buy-in across faculty so there’s greater support for sustainable and meaningful programwide implementation.

Participation includes:

  • A comprehensive review of your curriculum’s alignment to the ISTE Standards for Educators conducted by ISTE Standards experts.
  • Alignment of report findings with actionable feedback for curricular redesign.
  • Optional consulting services from ISTE Standards experts.
  • Five-year distinction as an ISTE recognized program.

ISTE brings to this work more than 20 years of experience in reviewing higher education programs. As a former Specialized Professional Association (SPA) with the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), ISTE has reviewed dozens of teacher preparation programs for alignment to the ISTE Standards.

ISTE Higher Education Certification Provider

Programs seeking ISTE recognition can also become ISTE Certification providers. As a certification provider, your candidates can earn their degrees and ISTE Certification for Educators simultaneously.

To be eligible to provide ISTE Certification to students, higher education programs must show evidence that candidates receive applied practice in all 24 indicators of the ISTE Standards for Educators. Candidates who earn ISTE Certification gain an additional nationally recognized credential, showing they have the skills needed to integrate technology in the classroom in meaningful and transformative ways.

Providers benefit from:

  • Distinction and additional recognition for their programs due to full alignment to the ISTE Standards for Educators.
  • Ability to offer candidates practical hands-on experience with the Educator Standards that builds competency in transforming learning through technology.
  • A unique direct benefit to candidates who graduate with both a degree and nationally recognized ISTE Certification.
  • All of the benefits included in the ISTE Recognition for Higher Education program.

Recognized Programs

  • Central Michigan University (CMU)
  • American College of Education
  • Fairfield University
  • Nicholls State University
  • Kennesaw State University (KSU)
  • California State University - Fullerton
Get Recognition for Your Program

Interested in earning international recognition for your teacher preparation program? Learn more about ISTE’s Recognition for Higher Education program by providing your information.