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Key Initiatives

ISTE's key initiatives in helping educators use technology to revolutionize learning.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education

To prepare students for the careers of today — and tomorrow — educators must explore and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into K-12 classrooms.

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Computational Thinking (CT)

Computational thinking (CT) in the classroom combines four pillars for students: problem decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithms.

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Digital Citizenship

ISTE resources on digital citizenship focus on creating digital citizens who can address ethical questions at the intersection of technology and humanity.

Edtech Product Selection for Leaders
Edtech Evaluation and Selection

ISTE's edtech product selection tools help education leaders and edtech decision-makers reliably evaluate and select high-quality edtech products.

Global Collaborations

ISTE is committed to nurturing long-term relationships with international entities who share our mission to create a world where all learners thrive.

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Open Educational Resources

ISTE is committed to expanding access to high-quality open-license learning materials, ranging from full curricula and textbooks to individual videos and images.

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STEAM in Education

The STEAM approach to education fosters innovation, values real-world application, builds content knowledge and provides hands-on learning opportunities for students.

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Teacher Preparation

New teachers enter classrooms that are technology-rich and rapidly evolving. That's why ISTE is committed to transforming teacher preparation and ensuring digital equity.