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The ISTE Seal evaluates and recognizes quality edtech solutions. Put your product to the test against indicators of usability, digital pedagogy and the ISTE Standards.

ISTE Seal 2100 C

Education-Ready Products and Solutions

In a crowded K-12 education space, the ISTE Seal (formerly known as the Seal of Alignment), showcases products that have been tested for quality and usability and have triumphed. Products that earn the ISTE Seal are aligned to the ISTE Standards, feature a strong user interface and support teaching practices backed by research and learning sciences.

What Does the Seal Mean for Me?

For Edtech Providers: Gain the Confidence of Schools, Districts and Education Systems With the ISTE Seal

This one-of-a-kind product certification signals to K-12 decision-makers that your solution supports evidence-based, high-impact pedagogy and is designed for scalable, equitable learning experiences. Schedule a consultation to learn more about the ISTE Seal!

For Educators: Find Solutions Built for Today’s Classrooms

When you choose a product that has earned the ISTE Seal, you can be confident the solution has been tested and validated to align to the ISTE Standards, and meets quality, usability, accessibility and inclusivity metrics.

ISTE Seal: Curriculum

Take the next step. Prove that your solution measures up.

To earn the ISTE Seal, products are reviewed by a distinguished panel of experts in education, instruction and technology. If reviewers agree the solution is learning ready in three areas – alignment with the ISTE Standards, practical usability and digital pedagogical implementation – the solution is awarded the ISTE Seal.