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1920 X1080 Accelerating Student Driven Learning
Teaching Strategies
Accelerating Student-Driven Learning
Self-Paced (2 hours)

Educators have gained an incredible amount of new skills and knowledge from teaching in online and blended settings. As we’ve tried new tools and new learning models, we can take the best of those practices forward to improve instruction when our classrooms are running at full capacity.

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1920 X1080 Accessibility For All
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Accessibility for All: Designing Materials for Any Learner
Self-Paced (2 hours)

Many technologies used in education have built-in accessibility and usability features allowing learners to have personalized experiences when engaging with content. Understanding how to choose and create materials that allow these features to function increases productivity, decreases frustration, and provides the greatest opportunity to meet all the individual needs of each learner, including those with disabilities. 

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1920 X1080 AI Explorations
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Explorations for Educators
Instructor-Led (15 hours)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the stuff of the future; today's students can expect to interact with AI in both their personal and professional lives. To prepare students for success, educators need to understand how AI technologies can be leveraged to facilitate learning and solve real-world problems.

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Shutterstock 135700016
Members Only
Artificial Intelligence Topic Guide

Artificial intelligence can make educators' work easier and help students think more deeply. Learn more from these AI resources from ISTE and EdSurge.

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1920 X1080 Assessing Learning Environments
Assessing Learning in Online Environments
Self-Paced (2 hours)

Assessments and feedback are critical components of high-quality online learning. They help drive individualized instruction that allows all students to be successful, while giving teachers essential information about their own teaching. They also create opportunities for connection and interaction with students in online or blended learning environments.

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Getty Images 988652242 A Itopic
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education

To prepare students for the careers of today — and tomorrow — educators must explore and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into K-12 classrooms.

Standards Comp Thinking Stock Students with robots 2 1055843962
Computational Thinking (CT)

Help learners harness the power of computing to innovate and solve problems.

Shutterstock 1767368861
Digital Citizenship

ISTE resources on digital citizenship focus on creating digital citizens who can address ethical questions at the intersection of technology and humanity.