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Learning Library Blog Spring 2017 ISTE Professional Learning Series
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Spring 2017 ISTE Professional Learning Series

By Team ISTE
January 24, 2017
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Ready to learn something new? Expand your digital toolkit and explore new ideas for learning and teaching by joining us for the ISTE Professional Learning Series. Presented by members for members, these free 30-minute webinars deliver new ideas and strategies. Watch them live or view the archive.

Not an ISTE member? Join us today to get hours of free professional learning right at your fingertips!

Feb. 1
Watch the recording: Coding for All!
Presented by Patricia Brown

Discover simple ways to incorporate coding into your day-to-day lessons to increase student engagement, empower learning and enhance digital age skills through free and inexpensive resources for the K-12 classroom.

Feb. 8
Watch the recording: Are You Future Ready? 
Presented by Rob Furman                         

Dr. Rob, author of The Future Ready Challenge, will guide you through several challenges to demonstrate the steps to create a true future-ready learning system. It is not enough to just use technology and assume our students will be prepared for their futures. We need to move to the next step of preparing our students for their unknown future.
Presented by

Feb. 15
Watch the recording: Literacy and Creativity: Essential Skills for 21st Century Students
Presented by Mark Gura and Evelyn Wassel                      

Discover approaches for making creativity an instructional goal and learn more about the connection between creativity and literacy. We’ll share examples of activities, projects and technology resources. We’ll answer your questions and suggest ways you can learn more.

Feb. 22
Watch the recording: Extreme Classroom Makeover
Presented by Michael Mades and Joel Block                  

The teachers of 8E house spent the summer of 2016 doing an extreme classroom makeover. Four teachers moved into one large room and replaced traditional classroom furniture with new and flexible seating options. We painted walls, installed lighting and added a makerspace to enhance student engagement and achievement. We’ll give a live tour of our new learning spaces and explain learning activities and strategies.

March 1
Watch the recording: Why Not an Edcamp? Interdepartmental Collaboration Done Well 
Presented by Rhianon Gutierrez                           

How many times are technology specialists asked to deliver professional development that focuses on functional skills? Is that the training your colleagues really need? By focusing on audience needs and taking risks, we can transform typical requests into opportunities for personalized and interdepartmental collaboration. We’ll share a case study of a collaboration between the special education and technology departments.

March 8
Watch the recording: Add to Your Ed Tech Coaching Toolkit: Tools for Organization
Presented by Katie Siemer and Greg Gilmore                  

An edtech coach's schedule and workload can quickly become overwhelming. Discover web tools you can use to schedule meetings, keep track of to-do lists, organize and deliver materials, communicate with teachers and so much more. You’ll walk away with tools you can immediately incorporate into your daily practice in this fourth edition of the Ed Tech Coaches Toolkit webinars.

March 15
Watch the recording: 
Elevate Critical Thinking and Creativity With Technology   
Presented by Julie Jaeger              

Technology resources provide opportunities for engagement, problem solving and critical higher-order thinking. We’ll share activities you can use immediately to bring some ah ha moments to your learners. Whether in writing, science, social studies or math, student engagement is magnified with these sites and resources.

March 22
Watch the recording: 
Bright Ideas for E-Learning Design
Presented by Michele Eaton                      

As teachers develop more online content for students, a new educator skill set becomes necessary. The same rules for good face-to-face teaching do not always easily transfer online. Teachers must understand content, pedagogy and e-learning design. You’ll  learn some tips and tricks to think like an instructional designer.

March 29
Watch the recording: Become an Apple Teacher
Presented by Nikole Blanchard     

Apple recently released Apple Teacher, a self-driven professional development program for educators. The program helps teachers build skills to use Apple products in the classroom. Teachers earn badges while completing eight tests to show their understanding of the Apple ecosystem. Hear one school's story and gather ideas for an Apple Teacher schoolwide initiative.

April 5
Watch the recording: 
Digital Lessons to Reap the Benefits of Your 1:1 Classroom
Presented by Elliot Soloway and Cathie Norris

Learn how the free, device agnostic Collabrify Roadmap Platform can help you create open educational resources to use with individuals and groups, monitor in real time and assess student artifacts.

April 12 (The curriculum-mapping webinar previous scheduled for this date has been moved to May 3)
Watch the recording: Getting to Know Your Future-Ready Teacher-Librarians
Presented by Jonathan Werner and Sherry Gick

Today's librarians are flexible, helpful, engaging, tech-savvy teacher-librarians who can help transform learning and teaching. We'll show you what a 21st century library looks like and share what it means to be an effective, indispensable, future-ready librarian. 

April 19
Watch the recording: Cultivating a #DigCit State of Mind  
Presented by Nancy Watson and Julie Paddock

Teachers want a simple way to teach digital citizenship and often rely on packaged curricula that allow them to feel they can “check digital citizenship off the list.” This session will show you how to infuse digital citizenship naturally in everything you do without making it an extra or add-on. #DigCit is a mindset, not a curriculum unto itself.

April 26
Watch the recording: Improving Student Achievement With Classroom Badges
Presented by Michele Haiken

For decades the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts have recognized mastery and achievement with badges. Now teachers can do the same. Badges go beyond grades because teachers can hand them out for mastery demonstrated for all types of skills, standards or concepts, not just academic achievements. 

May 3 (This webinar was previously scheduled for April 12)
Watch the recording: Curriculum Mapping With G Suite
Presented by Fanny Passeport and Richard Anderson            

Learn how to develop your own curriculum mapping site with the integrations of various G Suite Apps, add-ons and ready-to-use scripts. We’ll focus on understanding the purpose of such a platform and how it promotes a vision of trust while developing a curriculum that is transparent, collaborative and flexible. You’ll be invited to join a community of users and gain access to infographics and videos to start developing your own curriculum mapping site.

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