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Learning Library Blog 6 resources for fostering global education
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6 resources for fostering global education

By Team ISTE
April 28, 2016
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Regardless of what field your students choose to pursue, they will need a heavy dose of global awareness to be successful in their lives and in their work. But how do educators teach the skills and competencies that fall under the large umbrella of global learning?

The seven resources below offer perspectives, lessons and project ideas that you can use to enhance your students' global awareness.

1. 4 skills the littlest learners gain from global collaboration. Learn how PK-1 students at The Episcopal Academy in Newton Square, Pennsylvania, worked with an Ethiopian class to create a video based on the books by Eric Carle.

2. Don’t let language barriers hinder global learning. Scores of global projects put students in touch with peers across the globe for activities, debates and cultural sharing. But what do you do when language barriers make those conversations hard? Get some tips from Flat Connections founder Julie Lindsay.

3. Global Collaboration Network. The Global Collaborations Network is an ISTE Professional Learning Network that promotes digital technologies for connecting and collaborating beyond the classroom walls. The group offers ISTE members best-practice curriculum design to embed global learning experiences into everyday teaching. The community shares tools and methods, curriculum developments, and opportunities for collaborations.

4. 4 pieces of wisdom from Adam Braun’s EdTekTalk. Few stories have the power to motivate like Pencils of Promise founder Adam Braun’s journey to launch his nonprofit organization. Learn how he parlayed a $25 deposit into more than 300 new schools serving 30,000 students across the globe.

5. Tear Down That Wall: Joining the Global Classroom Community to Instill Global Citizenship. Discover how students can learn about other cultures as they collaborate with students from around the world to become global citizens and achieve positive change.

6. 7 steps for starting a global collaboration project. Global collaboration projects teach valuable skills like digital citizenship, communication and collaboration, and research and information fluency, which are among the ISTE Standards for Students.

April 25-29 is Global Leadership Week. Sign up for a virtual event to collaborate with other educators.