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Membership FAQs


Where can I find my member benefits?

All the benefits and resources included with your ISTE membership can be found on ISTE Central.

How do I log into the ISTE ( website?

Click on the “Sign In” button on the header bar in the top right corner of our homepage.

When does my membership expire?

Your membership expiration date appears in your account. Click the “Memberships and Subscriptions” button to find your membership details.

Can I use a purchase order to renew or purchase an ISTE membership, or to buy a product from the ISTE online store?

ISTE accepts purchase orders as payment from our U.S. and Canadian customers only. If you are a U.S. or Canadian customer, you can select “purchase order” as a payment option in the shopping cart. Enter the purchase order number in the appropriate field. You’ll be instructed to upload a digital version of the purchase order. We will email the invoice to you and to the account payable email address provided at the time of checkout.

If you use a purchase order as your payment method, it may take up to two days to access your order (books, course, member benefits, etc.). You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been processed.

International customers can pay online with a credit card (except for Singapore, where PayPal won't accept payment). We also accept checks and wire transfers as payments from our international customers. Please contact ISTE customer support for additional information on these payment options.

How do I reach ISTE customer support for any issues or questions?

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact ISTE customer support.

Can my membership dues be refunded?

ISTE does not refund membership dues, but they are transferable. Please contact ISTE customer support to discuss transferring your membership to another educator.

Does ISTE offer prorated memberships for partial years?

ISTE is not able to offer prorated individual memberships. All individual memberships are for a full year.

Group Membership

How do I purchase a group membership?

All three tiers of group membership can be purchased on, using all payment methods regularly available on (credit card, PO, etc). If you have questions about a current or new group membership, you can fill out the form on our group membership page.

When will my group membership be active?

Once you have completed your purchase of a group membership on, we'll send you an access code.

I have an active individual membership. What happens if I’m added to my school’s new group membership?

Your end date will be one year from the start of the group membership and you will lose any remaining time left on your individual membership. Individual and group memberships do not stack.

I have a premium membership. What happens if I’m added to my school’s new group membership?

Group memberships only come with basic memberships. If you are added to a group membership before your current premium membership expires, you will lose access to your premium membership benefits. Individual and group membership do not stack.


How do I set up or update my ISTE community profile?

Head directly to the community site at and sign in. Look for a “profile” link in the header bar on the right. Click that link to edit your community profile.

Please note, this is different from your account profile, the ISTE conference (ISTELive) program profile for presenters and your ISTE U online course profile.

How do I adjust my email preferences?

The most effective way to unsubscribe is directly from the footer of the email you received. At the bottom of the email, click "unsubscribe here," to view the manage preferences page.

How do I adjust my email notifications from the ISTE communities?

By default, you will receive the consolidated daily digest for all of the Connect forums. This email contains all of the discussion posts in Connect from the previous day, making it easy to follow conversations and participate yourself. To change these preferences, go to “Community Notifications” in your community profile.


How do I connect with other ISTE members?

Network with educators from around the world on Connect, our online community, where you can engage with other education changemakers on topics you’re passionate about!

Where can I learn about or ask a question about a specific topic?

Connect is home to numerous topic and job role based groups where you can learn about or discuss hot topics in education. You can also find general discussion as well as membership-based groups to connect with your peers.


Where can I find free resources and learn about the latest edtech trends and issues?

Get practical guidance on how to effectively implement edtech into your classroom, school or district in the ISTE Blog. You’ll also find articles and videos on the latest edtech trends and issues. EdSurge, ISTE’s independent news and research initiative, is home to news, commentary and analysis about the people, ideas and tools shaping the future of education.

ISTE Central
also has a wide range of resources, like webinars and topic guides, that are free and exclusive to members.

Where do I find the digital resources I’ve either purchased or received as part of my membership?

Your digital resources will be located on your account page, on the My Downloads tab of your profile. Digital resources you’ve purchased or received as part of your membership can be found there.

How do I receive the complimentary ebook that comes with my membership?

Each year, members are eligible to receive one ISTE ebook for free. To get information about the title that’s available, head over to ISTE Central. Current offer information will be under “Special Offers For Members” in the Free Ebook section. Note: the coupon code included in this box is required to redeem the title for free.

How do I receive the complimentary ISTE U course that comes with my membership?

Each year, members are eligible to enroll in one ISTE U course for free. To get more information about the course that is currently available, head over to ISTE Central. Offer information can be found by expanding the ISTE U Course box.

How do I find upcoming and past ISTE Expert Webinars?

ISTE members can find the schedule of upcoming webinars and recordings of recent webinars on the Expert Webinars page. To find the full archive of all past ISTE Expert Webinars, check out the library of resources on Connect.

ISTELive Conference

How do I register for ISTELive?

Head to our conference page and click on the “Attend” link in the top header bar.

Why doesn’t ISTE offer a conference in my state?

ISTELive is so large that many cities can’t accommodate the event. You can learn about other ISTE events on our events page, and many of our affiliates host conferences throughout the year with similar program content. 

I want to attend ISTELive, but can't afford it. Are there scholarships?

Scholarships are available to cover the cost of conference registration (travel, housing, meals, etc. are not covered). Often, getting registration covered can help secure additional funding from your school. Find more information on our conference page by clicking the “Attend” link in the top header.