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ISTE to Launch Enhanced Edtech Index Powered by AWS: A Platform for Empowering Educators and Transforming Education

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June 24, 2024

WASHINGTON, DC—The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) today announced the launch of an enhanced Edtech Index, a platform that aims to streamline the way educators access and utilize educational resources, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In partnership with other leading education organizations, ISTE has pledged to address the burden educators face in identifying quality digital learning tools and the challenge edtech providers face in developing high-quality tools.

The updated Edtech Index is the result of ISTE working with AWS to empower educators and drive smart evaluation and decision-making in edtech. This cutting-edge platform will serve as a comprehensive edtech hub, providing educators easy access to a vast array of technology solutions with trusted edtech quality indicators from across the sector.

"We believe technology has the power to transform education and unlock new possibilities for learners," said Tal Havivi, Managing Director of Research & Development at ASCD+ISTE. "Working with AWS has enabled us to significantly enhance the product index, a one-stop catalog that enables educators and decision-makers to find critical information to evaluate edtech in one place.”

Educators today face numerous challenges in their pursuit of delivering exceptional learning experiences. Accessing relevant and up-to-date edtech products can be a fragmented and time-consuming process, hindering their ability to determine which tools work for their specific contexts. The rapid pace of technological advancement has created a need for streamlined tools and resources to help educators adapt and integrate new technologies into their classrooms seamlessly.

Meanwhile, edtech providers struggle to effectively reach educators and highlight their products’ unique value. Compounding the issue is that edtech products and services are not always evaluated based on reliable sources, making it difficult for educators to make informed decisions. Edtech providers also often lack insight into the latest K-12 trends and data, which impedes their ability to tailor offerings to the evolving needs of schools and districts.

The Edtech Index helps educators find, compare, and evaluate a comprehensive collection of edtech products. Leveraging the scalable, secure, and cost-effective computing resources of AWS, the platform provides educators with seamless access to a wide range of edtech solutions that support teaching and learning. In addition, the value of the product index lies in its free access, relevant and up-to-date learning technology solutions, the ability to compare products side by side, and the assurance that the validations on the product index are vetted to help them assess a product’s quality.

For edtech providers, the enhanced product index can offer insights and analytics into decision-maker trends, personas, and demographic data. This can help them understand the evolving needs and preferences of their target audience. The platform can also allow edtech providers to showcase validations they have earned, further distinguishing their quality and credibility.

The Edtech Index represents a transformative step in empowering educators and driving positive change in education. By leveraging the expertise and resources of both ISTE and AWS, the catalog streamlines the way educators find, compare, and evaluate edtech tools. This launch aligns with AWS' commitment to supporting the education sector and enabling innovative solutions that enhance teaching and learning.

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About ISTE

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is a nonprofit organization that works with the global education community to accelerate innovation in education through the smart use of technology. ISTE sets a bold vision for education transformation through the ISTE Standards, a framework for rethinking education and creating innovative learning experiences. ISTE hosts ISTELive, one of the world's most influential education events, and offers a wealth of professional learning opportunities focused on technology in education. In 2023, ISTE merged with ASCD, combining expertise in technology and innovation with research-based professional learning for educators and education leaders, to advance student outcomes. For more information or to become an ISTE member, visit