The “I” in ISTE stands for international. More than an acronym, it reflects our current work and future ambitions to build complementary partnerships with organizations that share our mission to help all learners thrive.

We work alongside multinational organizations, education-focused companies, ministries of education and technology, nonprofit government organizations, school systems, individual schools and international teachers and leaders. Building on our respective strengths, we build localized pilots and then programs to extend our expertise for the benefit of leaders, teachers, and students.

International Advisory Group

ISTE's International Advisory Group provides advice and guidance to ISTE leadership and staff in the following areas:

  • To communicate and amplify ISTE's priorities and initiatives within their respective networks.
  • To identify opportunities for the extension of ISTE + ASCD's work.
  • To serve as a sounding board, ensuring the context in which ISTE’s initiatives are presented in appropriate and educationally sound to the realities and needs of educators worldwide.
  • To represent ISTE + ASCD at international convenings.


ISTE currently collaborates with the following organizations to connect learners in our connected world:










The Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States   Learning Links Foundation (India)   Worlddidac   Virtual Education   edVentures Global Business Acceleration Fellowship