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Learning Library Blog 3 spheres of the new digital citizenship [video]
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3 spheres of the new digital citizenship [video]

By Team ISTE
October 31, 2017
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As an educator, you want your students to be good digital citizens — to be kind, safe and secure online. You want learners to become positive agents of change. To use their technology-driven powers to help make the world a better place.

Take learners beyond the protective to the proactive with the three spheres of the new digital citizenship: Digital Agent, Digital Interactor and Digital Self.

As digital agents, students leverage technology to help solve the world’s problems, advocate for equal rights and digital access for everyone and influences societal norms.

Digital interactors communicate with empathy and authenticity, collaborate with others online to accomplish goals and apply critical thinking to all online sources.

Finally, students must cultivate a digital self by proactively managing their digital identity and privacy, respecting the privacy and rights of others and understanding the permanence of the digital world.

Watch this animation to dive into the new digital citizenship, then share it with students, colleagues, administrators, parents and community members. It’s time to come together and empower students to cultivate digital citizenship at home, at school and everywhere in between.

Print and hang the poster “The New Digital Citizenship: Empower Proactive Digital Learners” at school, in classrooms and at home as a reminder of what empowered, proactive digital citizenship looks like.