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Learning Library Blog 4 tips for sharing your expertise at ISTE 2015
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4 tips for sharing your expertise at ISTE 2015

By Nicole Krueger
September 22, 2014
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No matter where you are on the path to tech integration, you've learned something others can benefit from. ISTE 2015 offers a chance to share your expertise face to face with educators from all over the world.

It all starts with creating a proposal that stands out from the crowd. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Focus on pedagogy over technology.

Educators increasingly tell us they need help understanding how to use technology to create meaningful learning experiences. There's value in discussing the pros and cons of different tools, but the more you can show how to apply them to support curricular goals, the more you get to the heart of what ed tech is all about.

2. Bring divergent ideas together.

The deepest learning happens when we discover the point of connection between different ideas, perspectives and subjects. Explore the intersection between two areas of education that fascinate you, or find a new way to apply a concept from an entirely different field.

3. Consider what the learner will take away.

Sharing your experience is great. Explaining how others can adapt and apply your experience is even better. More than 80 percent of conference attendees say the best sessions offer tangible takeaways and immediately applicable information. What do you want people to walk away with? That's the core of your presentation.

4. Get interactive.

Learners are no longer satisfied to sit back and listen — they want to engage and participate. The traditional lecture is evolving to include more audience participation, and we've responded with a host of new session formats, from interactive lectures and BYODs to playgrounds and poster sessions. What's the best way for your audience to interact with the material you're presenting?

See the infographic below for more information about proposing a session at ISTE 2015.