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Learning Library Blog 5 mini-keynotes (and student performers) provide a dose of inspiration
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This year’s EdTekTalks at ISTE 2017 will feature edtech thought leaders who will share their creativity and insights in a series of mini-keynotes.

Add student presenters from SoundTapp, a student iPad ensemble from Roswell, Georgia, and you’ll achieve inspiration overload.

Here’s a rundown of this year’s EdTekTalks speakers, a session that’s always a favorite with conference attendees:

Kiko Doran and Brent Paschke, “The Power of Music for Learning.”  
Brent Paschke, a guitarist, producer and songwriter who has worked with Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Chris Brown and others will be joined by Kiko Doran, a tech consultant and conference organizer, to unveil an exciting new program that explores the power of music and the use of iPads for learning.

Cathy Hunt, “The heART and Soul of Education.”
Cathy Hunt, an educational consultant, presenter, author and visual arts teacher at The St. Hilda’s School in Australia will encourage attendees to consider a “tra-digital” approach to education and will discuss how inventing, innovating, making connections and making a mess can influence learning, art and our hearts.

Michael Hernandez, “Media Literacy and Social Justice.”  
Michael Hernandez, a cinematic arts and broadcast journalism teacher in Los Angeles, will unpack why media literacy is one of the most important skills we can teach students and share how students can use social media and online tools for social change.

Rafranz Davis, “The Privilege of Access.”
Rafranz Davis, speaker, author, technology advocate and executive director of professional and digital learning for Lufkin Independent School District in Texas, will discuss how educators can help close the access gap and make innovative learning less privileged.

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