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Learning Library Blog 8 apps to get organized in the classroom
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8 apps to get organized in the classroom

By Sadie Douse
July 16, 2015
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If you are only now beginning to use iPads in the classroom, dipping your toe into the sea of mobile apps can be overwhelming because there are thousands to choose from. To get started, I recommend trying some apps designed to help you and your students get organized and become more efficient. Consider test-driving these eight apps designed to make your school life easier.

  1. Class Manager. During the chaotic school day, it’s easy to forget important deadlines and submission dates. This app helps you stay on top of things. Enter details about your class schedules and assignment deadlines, and leave the reminding work up to Class Manager. You can also get advice and tutoring by clicking the “Get Help” button.
  2. Class Timetable. This user-friendly app helps students keep track of their classes and homework. Swipe the screen to see what’s coming up. Besides keeping track of homework, this app offers timetable export, class notifications and task reminders. Plus, most students find the colorful display pleasing.
  3. iStudiez Pro. This efficiency app for students helps with organizing assignments, planning homework and tracking deadlines. It also lets students keep track of their grade point average. iStudiez Pro sends users back-up data through email in case the primary device is lost or broken.
  4. iResponse. This classroom response system facilitates teacher-student interaction and does not require a network connection. Teachers can poll or quiz students and check responses immediately. 
  5. Grade It. This app calculates scores and grade percentages and emails data instantly. 
  6. DropBox. Share and save files, videos, pictures and data anytime and from anywhere. DropBox allows educators and students to lighten their loads and let the cloud do the heavy lifting. Accessible from any device, including those clunky desktops.
  7. Evernote. This is like a modern-day pinboard for important information and reminders. Available on any device, Evernote offers storage and easy access to notes, web links, videos and images.
  8. Google Drive. Create, store or upload documents to this free cloud service and access them from any device. You can even upload Word files and edit them offline. Teachers can keep important lectures and notes on Google Drive, so students will always have access to the information.

Sadie Douse is an executive academic consultant for Essay Corp. She helps students learn.