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Learning Library Blog 8 essential elements of PBL
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8 essential elements of PBL

By Nicole Krueger
October 10, 2014
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So much of schooling involves filling kids up with the knowledge adults want them to have. But what if instead students learned because they genuinely needed to know?

That's where project-based learning comes in.

" "Project-based learning always starts with a driving question," " said education consultant and technology integration expert Michael Gorman. By pursuing the answer to their driving question, students learn what they need to know along the way — all while developing Common Core skills such as creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

" "The project does the teaching," " he said. " "So many times what we do as teachers is: We front load, we front load, we front load, and then we suddenly do a project in the end. Project-based learning really is doing the learning through the project." "

Below, Gorman outlines the eight essential elements for true project-based learning.

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Nicole Krueger is ISTE's inbound content strategist and lead blogger for the ISTE Connects blog. A former journalist, she has more than a decade of experience as a news reporter and professional blogger.