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A year overflowing with opportunity

By Mila Thomas Fuller
January 1, 2017
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The ISTE board of directors is excited and energized as we begin the new year! We’re rededicating ourselves to ISTE’s aspirational vision and mission, and we’ve resolved to focus on member-centric goals in 2017.

These goals go to the heart of what ISTE stands for. Connecting. Collaborating. Sharing. Transforming.

Here’s a look at the board’s areas of focus:  

Showcasing the work of our members. With the transition of the U.S. federal government to a new administration, as well as changes at the state and local levels, 2017 presents an excellent opportunity to showcase the work of our U.S. members to gain additional resources and political support for the entire ISTE community. In addition, internationally, there are an unprecedented number of large educational technology deployments ready to show the global impact of our community.

The board invites members to leverage the thought leadership platform that ISTE has created to tell your stories and the return educational technology investments have brought to learning and teaching.

In 2017, we’ll also focus on amplifying the thought leadership of our valuable ISTE affiliates and ISTE Professional Learning Networks (PLNs).

Developing deeper connections. As a whole, the board wants to connect more deeply with members because we believe these connections will help guide the work of ISTE. We’ll remain steadfast in our focus on the specific needs of the membership as we collectively advance learning and teaching through innovation.  

This year, the board will seek to engage more members as leaders, encouraging them to act as global beacons for the thoughtful integration of ed tech. We want this engagement and modeling to reach beyond the annual conference to ensure all members are inspired and connected 365 days a year. The board sees year-round engagement as an opportunity to ensure educators are prepared to embrace the integration of the ISTE Standards through pedagogy.    

Sharing key resources. The board is forever grateful to our dedicated members who provided key feedback in developing the 2016 ISTE Standards for Students. In 2017, the board will stand side by side with members to ensure deeper integration of these standards worldwide. We’re also committing our support to sourcing contributions from our local and global membership to the exciting refresh of the ISTE Standards for Teachers.

And we’ll be working to spread the word about the ISTE Essential Conditions, the 14 critical elements necessary to effectively leverage technology for learning. Not only do the Essential Conditions guide schools and districts along the path to digital age learning, they’re crucial to the successful implementation of the ISTE Standards at a classroom level.

Empowering teachers and leaders. Empowerment will also receive significant board attention this year. Our goal is to empower teachers and leaders by remaining at the forefront of technologies that are game-changers in education and benefit learning and teaching. This includes movements such as personalized learning and global collaboration, along with other key areas that will be identified with the expertise of ISTE members.

The ISTE Board of Directors is committed to better understanding member needs and drawing on the collective expertise of our passionate members to inform our work. As we work to achieve the goals set forth here, we invite members to share their opinions and perspectives by contacting us at

Here’s to a 2017 overflowing with opportunities to transform education!

Mila Thomas Fuller, Ed.D., is president of the ISTE Board of Directors.