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Change learning worldwide with us

By Team ISTE
June 27, 2016
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What does it mean to have a cause? To be a cause-based organization? To stand for a purpose?

For the ISTE community and many global educators, that cause is the lives of learners worldwide — and it's bigger than all of us. It's more than an idea. A thing. A goal. A person.

It's a movement.

We believe in the power of a connected world and the necessity of connected learning to get us there. All learners. Together.

Serving this cause is going to take more than us; more than educators, too. We need all those who care about the future of learning, the future of students, the future for us all—to connect. To unite around our common belief.

Educators. Students. Corporations. Communities. Governments. Nations.

If your cause is our cause, let's continue to work together, continue to connect.

At ISTE 2016, our commitment to being a cause-based organization was formalized. In a poetic and inspiring video, conference attendees were encouraged to continue the work of being "explorers, truth seekers and problem solvers." To learn, teach, share and connect. To continue supporting educators, policymakers, corporations and governments to accelerate the transformation of education. To work together to transform lives and empower young minds.

Is your cause our cause? Let us know! Share the video on your social media networks and show your support for leveraging technology to create connected learning in a connected world.