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Changes coming to your member magazine

By Mila Thomas Fuller
April 1, 2017
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The ISTE board is committed to putting members first. That’s why I’m excited to share that we’ll be introducing the next generation of the ISTE member magazine, starting with the July 2017 issue.

Look for changes to the name, a new look and refined content. These changes are geared toward making the magazine even more member friendly and member-centric.

After an in-depth review process and a survey of members, we’ve selected the name Empowered Learner for the refreshed publication. This name reflects the ISTE ethos and emphasizes the important role of the educator to empower students – as well as themselves – as lifelong learners.

The name is also a nod to the 2016 ISTE Standards for Students and emphasizes ISTE’s trajectory  – it’s no longer about using the technology but rather empowering learners through edtech.

The look and feel of the magazine is also changing. You’ll notice a smaller size and a design that’s friendly, accessible and clean. Features and columns will be labeled so readers can clearly see what they’re in for and how it benefits their learning.

Empowered Learner will also include direct connections to other ISTE communications channels and to ISTE PLNs.

When it comes to content, you’ll find a member-written column, a global column and a staff column, along with coverage of affiliates and advocacy efforts.

In addition to the two feature articles you’re accustomed to, we’ve added a standards feature that will offer clear, practical tips, advice and strategies for implementing the ISTE Standards in the classroom. Other new sections include a member crowd-sourced infographic, and a compilation of short articles called “What Works” that will include member stories about successful lessons and initiatives. (Please be thinking of stories you’d like to share!) And look for a host of new ways for members to participate in content. 

Thanks to this overhaul, here’s what we can say for sure about the new ISTE member magazine:

Empowered Learner offers an informed and in-depth take on edtech trends, practices and policies, including viewpoints on how technology empowers learners across continents and learning environments. It provides real-world success stories, no-nonsense applications, member profiles, and a look at state, national and international edtech initiatives and successes.

The magazine delivers empowerment, inspiration and practical advice for ISTE members.   
After all, empowerment and inspiration are what ISTE is all about. We hope you enjoy the new publication. Look for it at ISTE 2017 and in your mailbox.

Dr. Mila Thomas Fuller is ISTE Board President.