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Learning Library Blog Connect your students to a NASA mission
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Connect your students to a NASA mission

By Sherry Bosch
March 10, 2015
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ISTE collaborated with NASA to create a host of free STEM resources around NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS), which launched in spring 2015.

Educators can use these resources to engage students in ISTE Standards-ready research and engineering-design activities and seamlessly connect them to scientific study with real-world significance. 

Use these resources to follow the NASA mission, drive computational thinking skills and teach what it takes to become a citizen scientist.



MMS Resources

MMS logo

MMS Big Data Student Activity Book. This resource will help students become citizen scientists through activities and explorations that teach them how to:

  • Mine the vast world of rich data that exists publicly for scientists to use.
  • Find trends and patterns and correlate data that help to make predictions.
  • Collect and share data using collaborative tools so that more citizen scientists can benefit from the work of just one team.
  • Share digital artifacts and evidence of experimentation with the wider scientific community.

MMS Big Data Student Activity Book Teacher Companion. The student activity book is supported by teacher resources that guide educators through the science of each of the activities, offer technology integration activities for students, and align with both national science standards and the ISTE Standards. 


iMAGINETICspace Student Activity Book. Get your students involved in the MMS mission by downloading this challenge-based activity book. Students will join Mark in his journey to become a Junior Researcher while learning about and experimenting with the concepts of electricity and magnetism. The activity book also provides some design challenges for students to understand the complexities involved with how to assemble a mission that will collect data on space weather and its impact on our Earth.

iMAGINETICspace Student Activity Book Teacher Companion. Maximize your students' learning potential. The teacher's companion includes:


  • Interactive content from NASA’s MMS Mission and Space Weather Action network websites.
  • Tutorials that demonstrate how to conduct the lab activities and modify extension activities for a broad range of students with various backgrounds and experience. (This broadens the range of student ages suitable for this instruction, making learning activities simpler for younger students and more complex for students who excel at the STEM disciplines.)
  • Lesson and experiment extensions aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and the ISTE Standards.
  • Self-paced professional development tools for teachers seeking to enhance their digital age teaching skills.

MMS launch video. Watch the launch of the MMS mission on YouTube.

NASA resources. Learn more about the MMS mission and related activities.

Newsfeed. For more information about the MMS and frequent updates, subscribe to the newsfeed.