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Do digital learning right

By Team ISTE
February 16, 2016
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We all know it’s not about the technology but about what you do with it — or more specifically, what your students do with it to bolster critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

What’s not as easy to grok is knowing how to use ed tech to achieve that deeper learning. Sometimes you need the advice of experts who’ve tried things and can show you how to make it work in your classroom.

That’s why we’ve compiled five posts from the EdTekHub that illustrate how to do digital learning right in your classroom or school.

  1. Use Minecraft to teach math. Find out why Jim Pike thinks Minecraft combined with design-based learning is the most powerful educational tool he’s ever seen.

  2. 9 resources for teaching digital citizenship. How do you teach digital citizenship to students who scoff at lectures and dramatic warnings? Here are nine ideas.

  3. 4 AR tools to build executive function and engagement. Do your students work collaboratively with peers on challenging tasks? Are they persistent, self-motivated and able to monitor their comprehension? Here’s how you can help them reinforce these skills with augmented reality.

  4. Create a school makerspace in 3 simple steps. Makerspaces don’t have to be elaborate learning spaces equipped with sophisticated tools and supplies. Here’s how to create a tinkering environment with available space on a shoestring budget.

  5. 5 virtual worlds for engaged learning. 3D virtual learning environments are far more than mere games. They have the potential to engage students, personalize curricula and develop higher-order thinking skills.

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