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Learning Library Blog EdTekTalk: Making is the universal language
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EdTekTalk: Making is the universal language

By Diana Fingal
September 26, 2014
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ISTE reached out to inspiring people from a range of fields and asked them to share their insights in mini-keynotes ISTE 2014. This EdTekTalk is one of five videos that showcases futurists, designers and entrepreneurs.

No one celebrates the right to tweak, hack and create like Dale Dougherty, founder of Make magazine and the mind behind Maker Faires. In this EdTekTalk, Dougherty discusses the value of making in education.

" "Making is the universal language, particularly for learning and discovering," " he says. " "With making, you're learning to eliminate what doesn't work, to get to what does." "

From creating a sculpture out of papier-mch to sewing clothing with blinking lights, making brings engagement and relevance to learning.

When it comes to sparking students' interest in STEM fields, " "Making is the door they will walk through on their own," " Dougherty says.


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