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Learning Library Blog Fall 2016 ISTE Professional Learning Series: Learn from ed tech experts
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Fall 2016 ISTE Professional Learning Series: Learn from ed tech experts

By Team ISTE
August 29, 2016
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Ready to learn something new? Expand your digital toolkit and explore new ideas for learning and teaching by joining us for the ISTE Professional Learning Series. Presented by members for members, these free 30-minute webinars deliver new ideas and strategies. Watch them live or view the archive.

Not an ISTE member? Join us today to get hours of free professional learning right at your fingertips!

Aug. 31
Watch the archive: Say What? Do You Speak Ed Tech?
Presented by Jen LaMaster

Educational leaders are often called on to make ed tech decisions outside their personal experience and level of experience. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by jargon and technical specs in meetings and conversations with technology staff and vendors. What’s an administrator to do when the tech jargon starts flying? How are we to set educational vision when the parameters keep changing? We’ll take a look at ed tech trends to help administrators “speak ed tech” and we’ll share one method for setting vision on the frontiers of experience. This webinar is for new and experienced administrators.

Sept. 7 
Watch the archive: Hands on! Explore Tech and Nature Together!|
Presented by Susan Wells

In our 21st century world, students need 21st century skills. Learn how you can incorporate the four C’s of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity so digital age students can navigate the future and solve real-world problems. We’ll collaborate and explore the newest and most effective STEM/makerspace tools and their impact on the future of learning and teaching.

Sept. 14
Watch the archive: PokeAcademy
Presented by Tanya Martin

How can educators leverage the interest in the augmented reality game Pokemon Go to motivate students to learn? Join us for an hour of discussion and ideas on using the game, the metagame and the concept of Pokemon Go kinds of games for learning and teaching.

Sept. 21
Watch the archive: Add to Your Ed Tech Coaching Toolkit: Tools for Presentations
Presented by Ruth Okoye, Gregory Gilmore, Pam Shoemaker and Katie Siemer

Join the Ed Tech Coaches PLN leadership team as we present the third webinar in our Add to Your Ed Tech Coaching Toolkit series. This installment includes presentation tools to effectively share your message in your coaching practice. We'll discuss how to use presentation tools that will help you flip your training, increase teacher engagement during your sessions and get your message across creatively.

Sept. 28  
Watch the archive: Managing Technology Inventory
Presented by Trey Tracy, David Andrade and Jeremy Shorr

From a simple spreadsheet to a complex bar-coding system, technology inventory management can be a daunting task. Join us as we discuss various ways and products to make inventory management more manageable.

Oct. 5

Watch the archive: (I think) I Figured out How to use Snapchat as an Educator!
Presented by Bill Selak

Snapchat might be the best app ever made for educators to share their stories. Unlike Instagram, you can post a series of quick photos or videos. Unlike Twitter, Snapchat is visual. Unlike Facebook, the goal is not to curate your life’s work — it’s simply to share a moment. Learn how you can use Snapchat to tell a more complete story of how you’re integrating technology into the classroom.

Oct. 12

Watch the archive: Coding Clubs for Elementary Students
Presented by Trish Cloud

Thinking about starting a coding club at your elementary school? Join us as we talk about grade appropriate programs your students can get started with and how you can up the ante for the fourth and fifth graders to challenge and engage them.

Oct. 19

Watch the archive: Creative, Personalized and Productive Classrooms
Presented by Rachelle Poth

Learn to easily integrate web tools to engage learners and  inspire creativity and curiosity in the learning environment. We’ll share innovative and informative assessments and share creative ways students can show what they know. I will share how technology and tools have given my students voice and choice.

Oct. 26

Watch the archive: Working Your ISTE Networks Like a Pro (When You're Really a Noob)
Presented by Jessica Shupik

As a young educator, you're likely new to ISTE as well as education. The ISTE Professional Learning Network offers information and new contacts if you are active and know how to navigate seemingly endless resources. I'll help you learn how to find what you need quickly and easily.