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Fuel their hunger for knowledge

By Nicole Krueger
October 29, 2014
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Today's students hunger for something more than what traditional learning models can provide. They want to be empowered to create, to learn by doing and to use digital technology to solve real-world problems.

When teachers combine digital tools with powerful learning strategies, magic happens. But just knowing what tools are out there isn't enough. Understanding when to use them, how to use them and why to use them is the key to effective technology integration.

Looking for ideas to help you use technology to achieve deeper learning? ISTE Live 2014 On-Demand offers more than 90 recorded sessions from the ISTE Conference & Expo on topics ranging from 1:1 to flipped learning.

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Here are three videos to give you a taste of what you'll get:

8 essential elements of PBL
So much of schooling involves filling kids up with the knowledge adults want them to have. But what if instead students learned because they genuinely needed to know? That's where project-based learning comes in.

The why behind 3D printing
In case you haven't already heard: We're 3D printing ourselves a whole new world. Computer-controlled fabrication is already revolutionizing a broad swath of industries, from health care to food technology. But will it transform your classroom?

5-minute film school
Cinematic storytelling engages students' hearts as well as their minds to create meaningful projects they'll never forget. These filmmaking tips will help them create video projects they can't wait to share.