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Learning Library Blog Get inspired: Top 5 videos from ISTE 2014
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Get inspired: Top 5 videos from ISTE 2014

By Nicole Krueger
December 17, 2014
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It's hard to pin down what makes the ISTE Conference & Expo such fertile ground for inspiration. Maybe it's the constant hum of excitement and passion that permeates the environment. Maybe it's the steady exchange of new ideas and information.

Whatever the case, if you haven't experienced it for yourself — or even if you have and want to refresh your memory — here's a taste of what ISTE 2015 has to offer. Below are the five most popular videos from ISTE 2014:

The power and danger of " "What if?" "

"What if we could teach differently and embrace curiosity in our students? What if we allowed our students to be a little bit more curious and dig in the mud just a little bit more?" 2013 National Teacher of the Year Jeff Charbonneau reveals how exploring these questions helped him get students fired up about STEM.

Cultivating makers

Making is a universal language for learning, says Dale Dougherty, founder of Make magazine and the mind behind Maker Faires. In this EdTekTalk, Dougherty delves into the value of making in education.

5-minute film school

Cinematic storytelling engages students' hearts as well as their minds to create meaningful projects they'll never forget. Use these filmmaking tips from Apple Distinguished Educator Michael Hernandez to help kids create videos they'll be proud to share with the world.

3 stories of love & audacity

When students use design thinking to solve real-world problems, they build confidence as well as skills. In this EdTekTalk, architect Emily Pilloton shares the transformative power of designing and building with love.

8 essential elements of PBL

Project-based learning begins with a driving question, and students learn what they need to know en route to answering it, says tech integration expert Michael Gorman. He outlines the eight essential elements for true project-based learning.

What was your most inspiring moment from ISTE 2014?