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Learning Library Blog Have you joined the ed tech revolution?
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Have you joined the ed tech revolution?

By Nicole Krueger
October 3, 2014
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Technology is the ultimate catalyst: It changes everything it touches.

With the digital revolution transforming the way students learn, educators who apply technology to nudge students toward deeper learning are leading the charge. Are you one of them?

Nine out of 10 administrators say they couldn't achieve their mission of high student achievement without the effective use of education technology. Three out of four teachers say they rely on technology to accommodate diverse learning styles. Yet fewer than a quarter of middle and high school teachers regularly assign online homework.

With so much pressure on schools to help kids succeed in a digital world, educators can't afford to not take advantage of everything technology has to offer. Take a look at this infographic, and discover how the ISTE Conference & Expo can help you get on the leading edge of the ed tech revolution:


Join the Ed Tech Revolution