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Learning Library Blog Infographic: Help your students save the world
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Infographic: Help your students save the world

By Team ISTE
November 6, 2015
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This is an updated version of a post that originally published on July 14, 2015.  

Let's say you’re 9 years old and you’re curious about the world around you. Not just your neighborhood. But your state. Your country. Your planet.

You're curious because you care. You're curious because even though you can't really explain it — remember you're 9 years old — you know there are big problems in the world, and there are kids just like you who live in very different conditions than you do.

These children can be 5 miles away or 5,000. They might speak your language, or they might not. They might look like you, or they might not. What really matters, though, is what unites you. It just takes one bond or one issue to overcome all the other differences.

Global project-based learning is a thunderbolt of a way to connect kids with cultures and solve problems, but where does an educator who has never attempted a global PBL project begin? Check out our infographic below, then read on to discover five ways you can guide students to change the world.

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Find a cause and do the research. Michael Soskil, head teacher and curriculum coach at Wallenpaupack South Elementary School in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, suggests starting by asking students to use Google to find out more about the social philanthropists, humanitarians and other types of volunteers who champion causes that interest them. This will help students narrow the search and find the right fit.

Tap social media. If you have a student who is interested in, say, donating her hair to make wigs for cancer patients or even helping find a cure, she can get on Twitter to connect with those who are already working toward that goal.

Search local, help global. Have students work with community organizations that participate in global service projects, such as the Girl Scouts or Rotary.

Visit Makerspace. This site has loads of ideas about things you can create to make the world a better place. Ask your students to design something that would benefit others.

Share with the world. Help your studens create a platform to share news about their efforts. Weebly is a free web-hosting service featuring a drag-and-drop website builder. Those who just want to blog can use Weebly, Blogger or Kidblog to share research and advocacy.

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