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Learning Library Blog Infographic: ISTE20 Live By the Numbers
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Each year for over four decades, thousands of educators have come together to learn how to improve learning with technology. And even though this year was a lot different, the tradition continued.

ISTE20 became ISTE20 Live, a complete virtual experience. And although it was disappointing for some that we could not greet each other face-to-face and take our conversations to night spots at the end of each day, the show went on in a very big way.

ISTE’s custom-built platform fostered conversations before, during and after sessions, with presenters, fellow attendees and company reps. In fact, 228,777 chats were exchanged in the platform during the seven-day event.

The virtual aspect meant more people were able to join from around the world. Educators from 94 countries were represented, including many dedicated souls who attended Mainstage events live in the middle of the night.

This format also created more opportunities for participants to take in more sessions because recordings were posted within 24 hours. In all there were 2,674 sessions – from inspiring mainstage talks to lectures, playgrounds, expo hall demonstrations, creation labs, student posters, esports events and so much more.

Check out the infographic below for a breakdown of ISTE20 Live, and get ready to join us for ISTE21!