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Learning Library Blog Infographic: Join the ed tech revolution!
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Infographic: Join the ed tech revolution!

By Team ISTE
June 3, 2016
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No one doubts that technology has changed the world. And now more than ever, educational technology is changing the way students learn.

Today’s students are entering a workforce — and a world — that demands critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, collaboration and tech savvy. When used in ways that truly enhance and deepen learning, new technologies can help students develop and practice these skills and be better prepared for their futures.

Take mobile technology. According to the 2015 Speak Up Survey, 86 percent of high school students use smartphones, and 69 percent use a mobile device for learning. Maybe that's why 77 percent of teachers report that mobile devices, like laptops and tablets, increase student engagement in school and learning. The vast majority of school administrators are sold on the benefits of digital learning; 94 percent of them say the effective implementation of instructional technology is important to student success. 

Check out the infographic below to see the many other ways that educational technology is changing how students learn, how teachers teach and how education is done. Then register for ISTE 2016, and join a tribe of educators who are transforming learning.