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Learning Library Blog Infographic: The Internet of Things
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Infographic: The Internet of Things

By Julie Sturgeon
April 1, 2015
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And now we come to the ultimate phase in technology, the one no one escapes regardless of age, background or computer experience. It's called the Internet of Things, and like its whimsical name, it embraces (currently) inanimate objects of our world and brings them together for a bear hug.

So what's the point? This connection means that, just as your childhood Barbie doll carried on conversations with Ken and Midge when you weren't in the room, your toaster is now in dialogue with the television set. But their chat isn't imaginary — they are arranging to greet you with a freshly brewed cup of joe just as your favorite morning show segment comes on. Sleepyhead, you won't miss a beat, thanks to their coordination.

It's the beginning of a huge new developing market, where we truly live with technology as opposed to merely using it.