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Learning Library Blog ISTE 2016 in photos: Four days of powerful learning
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ISTE 2016 in photos: Four days of powerful learning

By Team ISTE
July 5, 2016
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ISTE 2016 had it all. A dizzying array of keynotes, EdTekTalks, workshops, lectures, Ignite sessions, posters, snapshots, spotlights and other formats on topics as diverse as flipped learning, student data security, standards and Minecraft.

One of the highlights the ISTE Conference & Expo this year was the unveiling of the refreshed ISTE Standards for Students, which focus on empowering learners. ISTE 2016 attendees got to take home a free standards poster for their classroom and everyone can download the free toolkit on the website. 

The keynote speakers delivered inspiring talks that got the crowds roaring with applause and laughter. Scientist and futurist Michio Kaku, Princeton professor Ruha Benjamin and teacher Michelle Cordy offered thoughtful messages about the future of education and the role of educators. 

Meanwhile, some very different presenters were sharing unique ideas at the popular EdTekTalks. Ayah Bdeir, founder of littleBits; Amelia Rose Earhart, aviatrix and adventurer; Marley Dias and her mom Janice Johnson Dias, founders of 1,000 Black Girl Books; Caleb Harper, director of Open Agricultural Initiative; and Alex and Lindsay Shaw Thornton from NRTSG Neuroscience.

Most people made time to play at the playgrounds, which offered hands-on learning about digital citizenship, robotics, Minecraft, STEAM, early learning and a host of other topics.

Thousands of attendees swarmed the expo hall, looking for a sneak peek at the latest tools to transform learning in their classrooms. The hall also hosted the Ed Tech Start-Up Pitch Fest where a dozen companies pitched their innovative ed tech solutions. The presentations were rated by judges and the audience. The winners this year were Books that Grow and Cogent Education.

Check out some of the best photos from the conference in the slideshow below.


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