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ISTE's professional learning series

By Nicole Krueger
September 3, 2014
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Expand your digital toolkit and explore new ideas for learning and teaching with ISTE's professional learning series — free to ISTE members.

Explore the topics that interest you most, from the maker movement to global collaboration to digital storytelling, with these free webinars from leaders and innovators in digital age education. You'll discover practical tips, classroom activities and pedagogically sound strategies for implementing technology.

Created by members for members, ISTE's professional learning series delivers new ideas and strategies right to your computer so you can catch up on the latest trends — anytime, anyplace.

Not an ISTE member? Join us today to get hours of free professional learning right at your fingertips!


Professional learning series | spring 2014

Leading a School of Innovation and Design

Innovation and design go hand in hand when creating a flexible and sustainable digital age learning environment. Explore what one school community is doing to help equip students for success.

Launching Digital Storytelling in Classrooms

Plan a successful digital storytelling lesson that helps students use analysis and critical thinking skills to develop a story arc, write a screenplay, and direct and produce a final product.

Merging Mobile, Makers, and Science Education

When mobile learning meets making, sparks fly. Help students engage with STEM through problem-based learning, discovery, exploration and hands-on building.

Crafting the Core: Assessing Minecraft for Learning

Harness the power of Minecraft with strategies for aligning learning in this virtual envionronment to the Common Core and ISTE Standards — all while developing students' computational thinking skills.

Connecting Students Globally with Video Everywhere: BYOV

Learn how to create global learning experiences using both traditional and emerging collaborative technologies, and discover the latest research about the impact of global collaboration.

3D in Education: Just A Fad or a Taste of the Future?

Explore the cutting edge of 3D design, 3D printing and stereoscopic 3D in education. Is it just a fad or the future of interactive learning? You decide.

Disruptive Innovation: Stories of Four Teacher Preparation Programs that Teach Mobile Learning

Should teacher educators use unproven disruptive innovations such as mobile learning to prepare teachers? See what a national study on the use of mobile devices in teacher prep programs uncovered.

Maine Learning Technology Initiative: When Does an Initiative Stop Being an Initiative?

Get an inside peek at the evolution of Maine's statewide 1:1 initiative, now in its 12th year, and see where this long-running program is heading.

nABLEing All Learners with the iPad

Explore the iPad's Universal Design for Learning features — including text to speect, screen reader, closed captioning support and more — and learn how to leverage this powerful device to meet the needs of all learners.

The LA Story

You've heard about the famed Los Angeles iPad rollout. But do you know all the facts? Get the inside scoop from the initiative's director, Bernadette Lucas.

Not Too Little to Learn: Using Technologies with Young Learners

From interface to content, learn what to look for when choosing and applying technology in an early learning environment.

Taking the First Steps Toward Integrating Technology into Your Elementary Classroom

In what areas are you ready to weave technology into instruction? Get your feet wet with tech integration by discovering easy ways to start going digital.

Someday/Monday: From Incremental to Transformational Change

Incremental steps toward tech integration lead to big transformation. Find out how to apply models such as the flipped classroom to begin moving toward a bigger vision of transformed education.

Computational Thinking for All

Most career paths involve computer science to some degree. Discover why computational thinking is a critical part of every curriculum and explore how it might affect K-12 education.

What is Augmented Reality and How Does it Support Special Education Students?

Explore the power of augmented reality in supporting students with special needs, and find tools to help you meed the needs of all learners.