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Learning Library Blog Leah LaCrosse: You are an innovator and you have something to share!
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Many of our presenters come to the ISTE Conference & Expo for the same reason that other attendees come: They love the engagement, learning from peers and electric atmosphere.

We asked a handful of ISTE 2017 presenters to tell us what they like most about the conference and to share a little bit about themselves. Leah LaCrosse, a junior high school science teacher in Huron, Ohio, will present the session 3D Printing With a Purpose.

Which of your fellow presenters are you most excited to hear/meet and why?
Karen Bosch! I am so excited to hear her lecture about 3D printing. This is one educator who is willing to take risks, learn with students and share with others. She is my eduhero, and I'm always excited to meet up with her. I also use 3D printing in my science classroom, and I'm thrilled to compare notes and grow from listening to her speak.

Which social media app will you be using the most at ISTE 2017? And why?
I will be employing the magic of IFTTT (If This Then That). With this service, I can post and share on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram instantly. All three social media sites will connect me to a different audience that I want to share the magic and learning opportunities of ISTE! Twitter will connect me to my educator pals back home and around the world. Twitter is also a great way for me to document my learning and areas that I want to revisit.

My students will be looking for me to post on Instagram to share the awesomeness of San Antonio. Coming from a small community in Ohio, I want to share the opportunities that travel offers.

Finally, Facebook connects me to my family, friends, community members, and my students' parents. This community needs to see just how much time is invested in the summer learning about innovation with some wicked cool educators and tech leaders!

What advice do you have for #ISTEnewbies?
Enjoy! Relax! Talk! Talk to as many people as possible. Share your stories. ISTE is all about innovation and collaborating. So, make that your goal ... enjoy the exposure to innovation, talk to other innovators and relax. You are an innovator, and you have something to share.

What’s your favorite ISTE memory?
My absolute favorite ISTE conference memory was touring the Sphero company with my pals Rich Perry, Julie Willcott and Jon Jarc. We were invited to see the genius behind Sphero and the other products. Seeing how engineers work, collaborating and inspiring those around them, just phenomenal! From prototyping to connecting to the educational community, this company is doing it perfectly. When it comes to using Sphero, coding is just the beginning. Innovation, engagement and love for learning is where I feel they are taking teachers and students.

Who are your five favorite people or accounts that you follow on Twitter?
@WillcottJulie – That lady is all over what is happening that can truly transform education.
@flipgrid – Flipgrid is the resource that keeps advancing in connecting teachers to students, students to students and learning communities to the world. I cannot say enough about the power of this company!
@neiltyson – #obsessed! This is an educator in the science community who I have been following for years. The way that he advances science communication is just amazing!
@theipodteacher – I collaborate with Jon on various projects, and he hosts great chats! From #twima to #BookCreator, I'm a fan!
@ISS_CASIS – This group manages the International Space Station laboratory, and they connect me to my favorite topics: space, research and exploration! I love the posts that share all of that.