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Learning Library Blog Major changes afoot for the nation's largest K-12 Law
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Major changes afoot for the nation's largest K-12 Law

By Hilary Goldmann
January 26, 2015
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Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee) has made a move to significantly alter the No Child Left Behind Act (more commonly referred to these days as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act or ESEA). His draft legislation has grabbed headlines for proposed changes to annual testing and teacher evaluations, hotly debated issues to be sure.

But when it comes to student learning, those in the ISTE community and beyond should be more concerned with the fact that the draft bill does not include a dedicated program to support educators in the transition to digital learning. We cannot let this stand.

You know best how important investing in professional learning and modern tools is for the success of your students. In today's economic climate, you know that schools cannot afford to foot the entire bill for transitioning to digital learning and teaching environments. The federal government must share this responsibility and prioritize this educational shift to ensure that all of our nation's students, regardless of where they live, are engaged in digital age learning.

We have less than one week to make the Senate education committee aware of the importance of a separate ed tech program. It is vital to the uniform spread of digital learning across the country. Don't delay, write your senators today. Together, our voices carry.

Hilary Goldmann is a passionate advocate for ed tech and the senior director of government relations for ISTE. Follow her on Twitter @hgoldmann.