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Make kids crave school by breaking all the rules

By Team ISTE
January 20, 2016
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It’s a rare person who hasn’t dreaded walking into their classroom some days, too mentally drained to deal with the routine. It’s normal to admit you have moments of boredom, struggle with disconnected ideas and feel the sting of rejection. 

So what lies at the end when this becomes a full-blown case of frustration and burnout? For author, teacher and mother Pernille Ripp, it’s a whole new world that she’s eager to share with her colleagues.

Currently a seventh grade teacher in Oregon, Wisconsin, Ripp was ready to quit the profession five years ago. The traditional approach to education was failing her, and most importantly, it was not inspiring her students.

And when one of those students includes your oldest daughter who has resorted to the old “my tummy hurts” excuse to get out of going to class only eight days into the school year, the stakes are high.

So Ripp tossed her classroom teaching approach and rebuilt the atmosphere inside her four walls. In the process, she became a cheerleader, a champion and the change many in her profession embraced.

Watch the video below to learn how you can find the energy — and the courage — to transform your classroom:

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