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More life hacks for ed tech educators

By Team ISTE
April 22, 2015
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We recently shared some of our favorite tips and tricks to improve everyday life for educators. The post was so popular, we’ve come up with five more ideas:

1. Respect the moving parts. Yeah, some of us still use dry erase markers. To make them last as long as possible, Velcro them to the whiteboard, tip down so the ink stays available.

2. Embrace the whisper — an old-fashion classroom concept. Students learning on their own can get loud. Where do you draw the line? Whip out your Noise Down app to automatically sound an alarm when the decibel level gets too high.

3. Color their world. Technology shouldn’t negate or replace the power of visual cues. Make Post It notes available so students can instantly report their lesson status at their desks: green for good, yellow for struggling and red for stuck.

4. Empower students to become your mini-me. When you can’t be everywhere at once, choose a student to be the Ask Me gal for the yellow Post Its.

5. Schedule your to-do list. In fact, don’t even call tasks to-dos. Technology leads us to believe we can transcend the boundaries of time pfffft. Efficiency saves time, but it can’t give us more than 24 hours in a day. So instead schedule what you need to accomplish each day and watch your productivity climb as a result of your practicality.

Share your favorite life hacks in the comments below!