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Learning Library Blog Nicholas Provenzano: Best part of ISTE 2017 is connecting face to face with people
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Nicholas Provenzano: Best part of ISTE 2017 is connecting face to face with people

By Team ISTE
May 16, 2017
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Many of our presenters come to the ISTE Conference & Expo for the same reason that other attendees come: They love the engagement, learning from peers and electric atmosphere.

We asked a handful of ISTE 2017 presenters to tell us what they like most about the conference and to share a little bit about themselves. Nicholas Provenzano, host of the #Nerdycast podcast and winner of the 2013 ISTE Outstanding Teacher Award, will present the session The Mad Scientist vs. the Mad Maker.

Which of your fellow presenters are you most excited to hear/meet and why?
Jennie Magiera is going to give an amazing Tuesday keynote. She has such a powerful message that every educator needs to hear. She is full of positive energy and nerdy goodness; I just can't wait to hear what she talks about in her keynote. People, this is worth getting up early for. It is going to be great!

What’s your top tip for #ISTEnewbies?
The best tip is to do the following:

  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Make time for meals.

These three things will make your feet and your brain ready for ISTE awesomeness.

Who are your five favorite people or accounts that you follow on Twitter?

What’s your favorite thing about the ISTE Conference & Expo?
My favorite part is connecting face to face with so many people I see only once a year. Lots of hugs and high fives from some of my favorite people in the world.

What’s your favorite ISTE conference memory?
My favorite memory is a tie between being recognized as the 2013 ISTE Outstanding Teacher and getting a shout out from Sir Ken Robinson during the opening keynote.