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Passionate about ISTE? Pass it on!

By Brian Lewis
December 20, 2015
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The ISTE brand is known globally. That awareness has been built over many years and is based on our foundational work on the ISTE Standards and Essential Conditions, our substantive and popular ISTE Conference & Expo, and our incredibly passionate and dedicated community that breathes life into ISTE. These attributes are invaluable and long ago distinguished ISTE as a unique, service-minded entity in the education world.

Tthere’s another important aspect of ISTE that may not be as well known or understood, but is truly at the core of our day-to-day value to educators and the broader community.

That aspect is ISTE as a “resource.” It’s the ability – and reality – of the organization to serve as a support system for educators seeking expertise, collaboration, resources and best practices for the connected world in which we and our students live. It’s the idea of ISTE as the collegial, accessible source for rich content that’s paired with a professional, meaningful network to support educators, today and over the course of entire careers.

On one hand, nothing could be better for the organization and those we serve than for even more educators worldwide to know ISTE as the definitive source of the ISTE Standards and Essential Conditions for learning and leading in the digital age classroom. But in today’s dynamic world, ISTE must also be recognized for its ability to connect educators with the just-in-time resources and expertise required to address immediate challenges.

Taking it a step further, imagine a world where ISTE was recognized, not only by the current passionate community, but by an ever-expanding, ubiquitous group of educators committed to our mission of service.

Today’s educators are so burdened with demands that they’re often challenged to find resources and like-minded colleagues with whom to collaborate. Those who know and love ISTE know it to be the source and solution for educators around the globe seeking to do their jobs smarter and with less stress – and with greater success. That’s another way we serve. That’s the additional way ISTE makes a difference every day.

I can’t help but think about the new educator entering the classroom (live or virtual), equipped with enthusiasm, training and a file full of lesson plans. But there’s nearly 200 school days ahead. The need for ideas, inspiration and collaboration is certain.

And that’s what breaks my heart – the thought that many educators don’t know they can tap into ISTE for practical solutions, proven content and unparalleled connections.

Our wildest dream is that everyone who has seen the tremendous resource ISTE can be (by the way, these are the same people who create, contribute to and inspire these resources) tells everyone they know that ISTE is ready, willing and able to be that daily resource.

We want people to know that no matter their role in education or ed tech, they can connect to other like-minded educators through the ISTE community and be supported in what they are doing – or what they are planning to do – to serve students.

ISTE is here to support educators, policymakers and everyone else who cares about and is dedicated to all students. We are that treasure trove of assets to help you transform learning and teaching. It’s why we exist.

Pass it on.

Brian Lewis is CEO of ISTE. Follow him on Twitter @BLewisISTE.