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Learning Library Blog Projects to get your students collaborating with faraway peers
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Projects to get your students collaborating with faraway peers

By Team ISTE
June 29, 2015
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Global collaboration is a hot topic among educators because ubiquitous technologies, project-based learning and an interdisciplinary approach to curriculum are vital components of a digital age education.

“Rigor in the use of tech-based resources is critical,” says Heather Miller, director of instructional design at LePage-Miller, which is behind The History of Whaling Program where students master historical research methodologies.

That’s why the poster sessions are one of the best things you can attend at the conference, said Vicki Davis, a classroom teacher who blogs at Cool Cat Teacher and co-authored Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds, which details the mindset and skill set teachers need to set up global collaboration projects.

The sessions covered ways to find global partners and projects, stories of global collaborations, the use of videoconferencing for global understanding and teacher education.

“It is very exciting to have so much expertise in the one place in conjunction with educators who may be newer to global collaboration but are also enthusiastically sharing their learning,” says former ISTE board member Julie Lindsay, founder of Flat Connections and a global collaboration consultant for THINK Global School.

Davis agrees. “We’re building the bridges today that we will walk across tomorrow.”